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and radar. we to have changes to talk about. and here is a quick look your kron 4 7 day around the bay a 20%-30 percent chance of rainfall. saturday and sunday showers more on your extended forecast, coming up. and as far as the traffic the bridges are looking clear this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a relationship dispute could be to blame for a deadly marine base triple shooting. the tragedy happened friday in virginia -- both the shooter, and one of the two people murdered are from the bay area. this morning we are learning more about them. kron4's maureen kelly has uncovered new details about the pacifica man. who government officials say pulled the trigger, then turned the gun on himself. facebook photos posted by sgt oo-say-bio lopez.better known as levi to his friends.show him goofing off in his dress blues.making funny faces has he runs in formation in camouflage.and proudly posing with action movie star chuck norris. .an american flag flies over his family home in pacifica.the people inside saying they did not want to talk to the media at this time. a neighbor who did not
. >> major changes are coming to the golden gate bridge. when you cross the bridge next wednesday morning the toll takers will be gone and, so will the 15 minutes an hour speed limit. we will tell you how the change could affect your commute. >> we're also following march madness here on the >> w[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess what...you missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> go morning, if some of the top stories that we are following this thursday march 21st. police are looking for the head coach of a traveling bay area baseball team. he is suspected of molesting a teenager and secretly selling a
are just a couple of days away from a big change. it will not look like is exactly when you commute over the golden gate bridge. they will eliminate all of the toll takers, out the personal cast polltakers. it means that things should run more smoothly. jackie sissel hour so reporter is out there talking about how this could mean >> there may be some hitches, would change comes a little bit of confusion. the all electronic toll change is going to happen in just three days on wednesday for the first time. the bridge will go completely electronic for the first time in california. you could see workers on the toll plaza and that is where the new electronic sign will go up. it will lead drivers know was they approach the toll plaza not to stop. that is the message that the golden gate bridge authority continues to press on people. there will be changes but the most important thing is as you approach the toll plaza do not stop. you do not have to give your money to a toll taker because there will not be any. the other change will be the speed limit. they will allow cars to go through the toll
. we will have the latest on the change coming up. >> a for alarm fire breaks out over nine san francisco's bayview district. we are live on the scene. >> we're also just hours away from another historic supreme court hearing today the high court will hear the defense the marriage act. >> friday will be the warmest of the week and we may see 70's. there is unsettled weather for this afternoon and also on to the weekend. i will have full details coming up. >> it is still a lighted easy ride the golden gate bridge. we have no backups yet despite the change to electronic toll collection. all around the bay the heaviest traffic is still in the east bay on interstate 580 and highway 4. >> the commute is different at the golden gate bridge. this is " officially gone automatic ". as of midnight, the last poll taker has left the toll plaza and the last car to pay a toll drove through the gates. kron4 will tran joins us live from the golden gate bridge with updates. >> have saved a little bit of road rage. so far, everything is great. according to the spokesperson 86% of the morning com
of the university of central florida. is a student had planned to kill people near his dorm but changed his mind killed themselves. >> police say james seev sku marn had some homemade bombs, and an assault weapon, a handgun, and under the rows of ammunition in his dorm long. authorities believe he pulled a fire alarm just after midnight common plant tissue students said they left the building. one student called police and is believed the south as iras may have made the suspect rethink his plan. >> first soda now cigarettes. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg is starting tobacco sales. he wants to require store to keep tobacco products out of sight unless an adult is buying something or employes are restocking. the goal is to crack down on young people smoking. the proposal would also ban selling tobacco products at a discount. there would be also the tougher penalties. >> 4:22 is the time. we will take a break. giving you a quick look at the toll plaza as you make your way toward the oakland side of the toll plaza heading into san francisco. what we're looking at the east bay temperatures
whether which involve some changes, high erica. >> if you like dry weather, you will enjoy today. if you like the rain, you will enjoy tomorrow. the decrease in cloud cover, mild weather upper 50s low 60s. tomorrow after midday wet weather makes its way back into our forecast. unsettled weather for the next couple of days. sunshine clear skies by saturday and sunday. i will have the full details in your 7 day around the bay. here is george with traffic. >> we have seen a slight increase in volumes and traffic around the bay area. still no hot spots or major delays. the bay bridge volume is the building but debate lights are still off. i wait for a threat antioch and on interstate 580 with the ride from the all to my past and the dublin interchange it still looking with mostly light traffic around the best of the bay area. >> so far there have not made any arrests in this case, no motive. we know they he was shot in the community center to the left of your screen. he staggered across the street. here is video that we got right after it happened, he is an 18 year-old man whose name was ric
that will change. the person making $10 an hour multiplied by six hours and a date = $60 per day. multiplying that by 5 days per week = $300 multiplied that by 3.33 weeks in a month that will be about $1,299 multiplied that in years you are making about $15,588. >> that is an increase of $3,000 per year. >> city councilman said that is good for employes but in the long run could have a negative impact on small businesses. a $3,000 raise for 10 employes is a $30,000 hit to a business bottom- line. >> a hit some businesses cannot afford. >> we recognize that for many small businesses to increase the minimum wage will be a significant challenge. we are doing what we can to help them through tax amnesties third efforts through start up san jose to wait permits to enable small businesses to use in storefronts. >> in san jose and jhillipe djgal kron 4 news. >> san francisco has the highest minimum wage at $10.55 an hour. san jose is a $10 even. >> just in to kron 4 news room, the united states and south korea have begun their annual military exercises after threats from north korea became more prom
will be back in the sunshine enjoying seventies starting the next work week. >> a lot of changes in our extended forecast. full details on what to expect my next report. >> meantime over to the traffic desk quiet out there. a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. a quiet ride out oakland into the city. no problems from the east shore freeway. westbound 580 or the limits approach. >> san mateo looking good in both directions of highway 92 the drive time 12-13 minutes. >> south bound 101 overnight construction getting down to the bridge. you may encounter minor delays. other than that you are good to go. no accidents for your ride out of the north bay. james. >> thank you erica. in light of today's memorial service for two santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty. caltran is offering free rice to warn law enforcement representatives. a motorcade is scheduled to begin at 845 this morning for the santa cruz boardwalk and ocean avenue. the motorcade will travel to san jose where it is expected to arrive at the age people billion between 1030 and 11 this morning
to look for to and i will give you a full detail coming up. >> we have not seen much change within the commute. this is good news for you if you are traveling the bay bridge. the volume is still building up. it is still an 13 minute drive time. the east bay freeway still looks good except for interstate 580. >> new this morning a 4.6 magnitude earthquake struck early this morning. we have a map of where it was located. as you can see, it was in the north bay centered just 3 mi. southwest of call and 30 mi. southwest of clear lake. according to the u. ss and g as it struck just after 2:00 a.m. and was followed by a 2.9 aftershock. viewers in sonoma county said they felt it, but as it stands, there are " no reports of damage or injury. >> pope francisco opened his first day as pontiff my crane at rome's main bas ilica dedicated to the virgin mary today. here is a video this morning. the pope also expected to lead his first mass with cardinals and the sistine chapel. the 76 year old was revealed yesterday and from about zero hundred and 50,000 people at st. peter's square. francis is
the total number of parking spaces to 918. >> wal-mart will make major changes to the exterior of the store adding a 10 ft. brick wall an additional landscaping. >> in the newsroom charles clifford kron 4 news. >> robberies are on the rise in san francisco. police say there is been a 25% increase. most deaths are on a personal electronics like smart phones and m p- three players. kron fours and stanley roberts is a look at how people are making it easy for peace and has tips on how you could prevent it from having to you. >> this lady has no idea i'm watching her. >> as i get closer still no reaction if you look at the reflection in the glass. you can see what has her undivided attention. it is her smart phone. >> on chestnut street in san francisco where recently something known as a strong arm or reoccur. >> it is when someone takes your personal house block it by force. be like a smart phone, m p 3 player or purse. >> to be frank most people make it easy for these. in the northern district where i am now robbers are up 11% since january. if you know this you know these numbers could go d
not they will change the services that they would be for the super bowl. if this happens that will present this to the nfl to see whether or not may 22nd if miami or the bay area will get the 50th super bowl. >> we would just have to wait and see. thank you very much will. >> here is a live look at the james lick freeway. the traffic is light. we will talk about the changes coming up. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> welcome back. we are tracking a major hot spot on the east shore freeway on interstate 80. two lanes remain blocked on carlson boulevard. you should use the richmond parkway and yellow as an alternate route. we have heard about a another accident coming out of pittsburgh we
. we have changes to talk about starting the next work weeks. >> we will see more aware of cloud cover wednesday into thursday we are looking at a 30 percent chance of rain. >> big changes to talk about. spring showers back of the forecast. at 4:02 let u just the morning ride with njanu . >> early tracking a hot spot in the traffic center southbound 280 on laughlin. 2 lanes are blocked. emergency crews are on the scene. we will continue to track that. taking a look at the bay bridge is we will start with the bay bridge. traffic is light at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> send a tail light as rel. and 11 minutes drive time. >> as well. no incidents at the golden gate bridge. >> looking at the rest of the maps going back you could see the east bay ride is looking like. the same for the peninsula. the north bay as well. we we will monitor the accident back to you james. >> taking you to live pictures out in quantico virginia. three marines are dead after a standoff a press conference is under way. >> this is a tragic loss for the marine corps which has had a number of tragic
the bay forecast highlights major changes. we will see an increase in cloud cover heading into tuesday. a small cold front dropping from the pacific northwest will bring cloud cover, rain to our area that will stretch into wednesday. >> wednesday will see a mix of sun and showers. >> possible to see the showers later into thursday. i do not think we will see rain on friday. but remnants of the cold front classes' skies and temperatures on the cold front. >> sunshine blue skies and temperatures start to climb as we transition into the weekend. >> we have a lot to talk about in your extended forecast. i will have more details on the impending rain in my next report. >> meantime, at the traffic desk light not tracking any hot spots. >> a live look outside at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza of doing just fine for your ride out oakland into san francisco. >> metering lights are not active. we're seeing tops speeds up the incline and across the upper deck. >> is that mattel bridge no problems to alert you to. no accidents that drive is 12- 13 minutes. >> last but not least the gold
are anticipating the changes in the weather department. it will feel more lik >> traffic headed into san francisco is getting busy, not backed up but more cars approaching the toll plaza. if you fasttrack, you will save some time. nothing on the bridge to slow you down when to get through the toll plaza. slow getting up to the pay gates if you are getusing cash. the back of westbound 580 it continues back up. when she gets a 680 dublin and a change, it is a good ride out of dublin and to castro valley. >> of body was found in the montgomery streets bart station. will tran is live on the scene with the latest. >> the body was found at the montgomery bart station right behind me. the good news is that you will not have any problems at the station. it is not shut down. here's video from the scene, around 9:40 p.m. last night investigators are still wondering how the person managed to get on top of the elevator. i just got up there myself and it is nearly impossible. they are scratching their heads. when a man got in the elevator, he hit a button to go up and on the way up he heard a crash. the crunch
:11. >> a look at the golden gate bridge ride on 101 is not bad. as for the weather changes are on the way. we will get a look at the forecast with =dj thyou eat less...ing weiyou lose weight.et. it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> welcome back us get the weather details our bookstore with erica. >> we will continue to see an increase in cloud cover throughout the day. satellite and radar monitoring the rain. the relatively strong cold front approaching the pacific northwest will slide down impacting the bay area. >> we could see rain drops on your evening ride home. >> taking a look at future cast 4 set up for 5:00. getting out from work or school and an increase in cloud cover you will see. the ban is right around the santa rosa line but will spread south. by 8:00 p.m. moderate to he
the pontiff could bring change. >> as he began he said before i can feel my blessings on you i need your blessing on leave. that spoke volumes about the kind of poke you want. >> he was the archbishop of dublin skerries making him the first pontiff from latin america. >> it is great that they chose him. >> he is a very humble man. he takes the bus and subway to work every day. >> francis takes the helm of the catholic church doesn't and rocked by sex abuse scandals and claims of corruption. some believe francis could turn around. he may be the one to change the catholic church i do not know if he will be the one but at least did represent a change. >> this is a passionate creature he is committed to the social justice causes in our country. i am pretty sure he will be also now he has to address this issue worldwide. >> i embolus of raney kron 4 news. >> and what is in a name?. the pope's decision to call himself francis seems to be a very symbolic cold. is the first pope to take the name which comes from 2¢. one is st. francis of assisi will get of his wealth and dedicated his life to h
james fletcher. >> i am anny hong. >> a pretty mild. we do see changes in the form of what weather. here is erica with our forecast. >> good morning to both of you temperatures in the mid to upper '40's we have a couple of low 50s. >> we have high clouds streaming in and some lower clouds along the coastline heading into the afternoon. the clouds will continue on. temperatures however, will be in the '60s and '70s. it will be a another gorgeous day around the bay area. expect more cloud cover by later tonight. >> looking at the numbers. flirting with 50 in fairfield. 53 in antioch. upper '40's down our east bay shoreline. mid-40s in daly city. taking a look at your afternoon highs. plenty of '60s. low seventies in some of our east bay and interior valleys. >> fairfield with a high of 71. the site for antioch. 65 in san mateo. >> it will be cool on the coastline pacifca, have mande, daly city. >> looking at satellite and radar picture what is happening this system will bring wet weather to the bay area. it is crawling out of the pacific making its way closer to home. >> we are seeing some
and now you just have to clean it up and go on it is not going to change it. >> mary perez says, some new donations are coming in after the thieves hit a week ago. but for the first time in 28 years, she says, it does not look like she will be able to hold the annual "christmas for everyone" event. the charity has been targeted before. back in 2009, it was burglarized 5- times during a months time. >> coming up much warm weather, news, traffic this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. you can receive the roadway is a bit glossy but nothing to worry about so far. =dj the secret to losing weight isn't a secret. you eat less... you lose weight. it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> today is international women's day. it's an annual celebration of women's political economic and
this summer. >> changing gears to wall street. traders are celebrating a another milestone this morning as the s&p 500 close at a record high yesterday. if the s&p rose six points to close at 1569 beating the market setback in october 2007. the dow rose to 52 points to 14,578. the nasdaq was also up by 11 points. markets will be closed today in honor of good friday. coming up at a 40 5:00 a.m. this morning, we will talk to our financial expert about the s&p record and what can be expected for local residents. >> coming up on kron 4 morning news. all turn into a folk singer michelle shocked cents a another message to her critics. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress. we can figure this out. [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ at&t. backflipfls and cartwheels.mile?
, not is formally installing the communist party's second link leader as premier. 01 so i decade leadership change in china. li kay chee yang has been appointed the new premier today after legislators appointed party chief shee jin ping to the state presidency. the to send it to the leadership's top spots in november. since then, they have signaled they intend to combat widespread official corruption, to try to lessen a wide income gap and repaired the severely polluted environment. >> present obama says it would take over a year or so for i ransacks we develop a nuclear weapon. at this trip to israel, president obama says he doesn't want to " cut it close " and therefore all options remain on the table encounter at the i iranian nuclear program. israel has repeatedly threatened act militarily should i ran appeared to be on the verge of obtaining a bomb. president obama will be visiting israel for the first time as president next week. new video this morning for your first day? yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru.
:50. airport security is changing. the tea as a is altering its policy on what airline passengers can and cannot carry on to play spirit for charles clifford shows us the changes. >> with csa will spend more time confiscating large items as the small items. passengers will be able to carry on small knives with late jordan 3.6 in. long and half an inch wide. the knife cannot have a molded grip. box cutters and razor blades will remain prohibited. the tea as a will also allow passengers to carry on some sporting equipment including ski poles, hockey sticks, up to two golf clubs and pool cues and lacrosse sticks. >> the bat can be longer than the weight required. >> changes will take effect on our profit. in the news room charles clifford kron 4 news. >> an airline captain says a drone aircraft came within 200 ft. of this jet over new york. the fbi is asking forell r informations about the unusual and potentially dangerous incident. brian todd has the latest. >> an airline captain spotted something close to his jet. >> we see a drone. >> the fbi says the unmanned drone came within two of
to have changes to talk about. with wet weather returning to the folk forecast. again isolated showers and it looks like we will continue to see showers on easter morning harley cloudy conditions you could still need your umbrella on monday. that batch of wet weather continues for next thursday. also we're taking a look fog that dense fog advisory has been hit by east and also to 11 minutes to cross the bridge to the golden gate. no issues to report. the drive time from hercules is 11 minutes the same for the north bay problem-free through the north bay. we continue to monitor this from the tropics center. >> thank janu. >> police are offering a 25- thousand - dollar reward. in hopes it will lead them to the gunman responsible for shooting a baby in richmond. this is video you will only see on kron 4. it was taken by a witness, as paramedics worked to save the baby boy, moments after the shooting. >> i do not know exactly how this happened. it >> we are told the baby is recovering this morning. the baby's grandfather, who did not want to go on camera, says the bullet came through their
will they be of the new looked this morning at 10. there's plenty of speculation on tech logs on what exactly the changes will be. facebook as the debut in 2006 and has remained pretty much the same ever since. facebook says the chancellor you see san francisco, susan at desmond hellman will join its board of directors. chile is that no one elected to the menlo park company's board, joining facebook no. 2 executive cheryl sandberg. the company names amber to the body jet last june after criticism that its directors were all men. before serving as chancellor, desmond, and was an executive at genentech. she is a doctor with specialty in treating cancer. >> subaru is recalling more than 47,000 cars and as the bees with remote starter is because the engines can start on their own. the recall affects some a legacy and how back cars from 2010 and to the to their 2013 model years. also covered are the impreza from 2012 and 2013 and the next beat cross track from 2013. samaras says that the key five is dropped, it could malfunction and start the engine. the moral run for up to the scene minutes, but continue to
and into the weekend, we have changes to talk about. perhaps as sour as we head into tuesday evening. 6:17 a.m. and here is robin. >> hotspot on highway 10 what is the tied to the scene that has the ability of since the 2:00 hour. this is northbound 1 01 at the marin county line. a fatal accident past the right lane where a pickup truck went off the road. crews shut down the right lane for the investigation very day we opened the right leg about 10 minutes ago. all lanes are open on the northbound 1 01 at the county line. in the opposite direction, southbound the new direction is starting to back up now. the stopping of xvi and getting through the accident scene. there is some labor activity on the shoulder but they are out of the right lane. this all is live in the morning is the commute on 205 and 580 headed out tracy did all my and to livermore. the drive time is up to 40 minutes, it is a stop and go right. no accidents or stalls in your way. when dealing with fog and, it is affecting the visibility of the bay area bridges. if there is a special fund advisory for the san mateo, bay and go
to the board with a proposal for permanent changes to bike policy. in august, commuters in san francisco, san jose and up and down the peninsula won't need to own bikes to pedal to many destinations. they will be able to borrow and return hundreds of bicycles at dozens of kiosks. the bay air quality management district is rolling out a seven-million- dollar test program in august to loan bikes to residentatured 700 bikes at 70 different stations. exact prices haven't been named yet but you can expect to see prices in the range of five dollars for 24- hours, 12-dollars for three days, and around 85-dollars for an annual pass. >> we will see how that works out. . ♪ for your first day? yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her
head into the weekend. >> there are big changes in store for wednesday and thursday. if spring showers are back in the forecast. do not put your umbrellas away just yet. remember, you can always watch our weather forecast right on our 24/7 news channel comcast 193. >> demolition crews have started tearing down the old elevated portion of the doral drive right before the approach to the golden gate bridge. this has been close to the public since the new tunnel went in last year. crews are breaking up old asphalt, tearing out radar and removing the support still. the work began this week and will continue for several months. eventually new northbound lanes will be built and they should be finished by 2015. >> authorities are working to hand out reward money that was offered in the hunt for x an lapd cop christopher dorner. multiple parties have claimed afford to claimed that they provided the key tip that led officers to the cabin where he up. law- enforcement officers from all agencies involved in the week-long manhunt will read reports, listen to tapes, and come to a consensus by april
and curbthe city says the changes are necessary because there between bikes and cars in the area. residents in the area say they already have a big issue with finding parking and getting rid of existing spots would worsen the in national news. he's been quiet after resigning because of an affair with his biographer.but last night former c-i-a director david petraeus returned to say."i'm sorry." ed payne tells us what this >> let be read confirm hoa this caused so much pain for my supporters and family. let me continue to apologize. experts say that this is a step in the right direction. >> he is a tremendously talented. he is only 60 years old it is a disservice if he does not return and helps serve his country. >> reporter: ed paynbe reporting. president obama has appointed a woman to head up the secret service. julia pierson is the first female director of the agency. she's been the chief of staff to the director since pierson replaces mark sullivan, who retired in february. >> north korea says it's cutting off a key military hotline with the south that allows workers to travel to a joint
the changes are to come and it will be a decrease in the temperatures for tuesday through thursday. wet weather for most of the bay area. the time is 6:17 a.m.. >> so far there are no hot spots and that is good news. we do have fog and the metering lights have been activated at the bay bridge for westbound direction. the san mateo bridge has all all so and there are very much in evidence from the camera shot. there are no delays on the span there in an 11 minute drive time. the golden gate bridge has fog as well but the commute is still small. updating the drive times for the east bay is still only a 14 minute compute time. there is 19 minutes down to dublin. the south bay freeway is still looking good it is a typical friday start. it is a little bit lighter letter. >> an update from transit there are no delays of david. >> when it comes to bart's the price of writing is going up! bart's board of directors approved a more than 5% increase in fares. the board also decided to increase the cost of parking in the bart lots, and bart will start charging at a number of lots which are currentl
70 temperatures as we go into the next work week. there are a lot of changes for your extended forecast. if the time is now 618. >> things are slowing down at the bay bridge because of a wind advisory. there is a reported stall on the can believe section. we are looking at the drive times at about 60 minutes for the west bound bay bridge. off the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound is an easy commute and there are no delays as you come across as ban or through marin county. here is the east bay freeway where we continue to pick up slowing with a 19 minute drive time. his 680 still looks good and so does highway 24. your ride through the san mon valley is a 17 minute commute. there is heavy traffic for highway 4. the south bay freeway still looks good and they're not tracking any problems. the more ran a ride is still smoltz. marin ride is still small. transit are not stating that there any problems. >> pacifica police are expected to complete their investigation on the stolen got that ran aground earlier this week. the suspects are being held at more than $1 million bail each
. it will be slightly cooler conditions for next thursday. >> a big change is coming to the golden gate bridge summer than you might think. the bridge to district is converted all electronic tolls. this will begin with the morning commute on wednesday march 27th. while the change is expected to save the district millions of dollars, it also means 38 toll takers are being laid off. nine of whom have been with the bridge for years. >> it has been a beautiful thing. the sunset on this bridge never gets old. this is always something that is positive to look at. for a tin ended this way it is very emotional. i am born to miss my regular customers. i was also miss the children who weigh and shout every morning. i've have had peoplmet people from all over te world here. >> this is really a great reflection from a toll taker. most of them are not pleased with the severance package that has been offered. >> in world new is, osama bin lade's son-in-law is scheduled to be in a new york city courtroom this morning to face charges of trying to kill americans on september 11th. sulaiman abu ghaith, who served as
but that is about to change. the school district needs to reduce spending by $8 million over the next two years. there are a few proposals on how to cut spending, it includes, laying off 80 teachers. increasing kindergarten through third grade class from 20-224 students. 5 hour furlough days. that was also reduced funding for music and after- school sports programs. alum rock school superintendent says the bid should not impact students' performance which has been on a rise. >> the school district has set up a series of community meetings to give parents more information on what might be cut. the next meeting will be held next wednesday. >> onto another developing story. a $1,000 reward is being offered for the safe return of an oakland woman. friends and family held a visual for erica maska-leris snide. she has not been seen since last thursday and family members say that it is just not like her to disappear without talking to them. friends and family are searching the neighborhood where she was last seen. >> the only clue, a blurry image on this surveillance video. you can see her at the top
. there are changes to talk about for the weekend warm-up. >> we are mine and turn a pretty good ride. we have no hot spots. there is a backups at the bridge and this is at the west bound area of the bay bridge. is about 15 minutes. it is slowing from the interstate 80. there are moderate conditions. it is still light to moderate conditions for the south bay. >> the time now with 6:31 a.m.. right now, contra costa county fire crews are working to contain fires at some homes on bethel island. if the 2 alarm fire broke out this morning at 1480 taylor street. its spread to other structures. there are three homes that are now on fire. there also was an issue with the power lines and the lack of fire hydrants. >> to get you more news faster, we will go to our so low reporter jackie sissel who is live on bell island. >> when day came out here they saw that this structure was on fire. they attempted to fight this book than a power line fail. if they stated that they had to back a way. this is a three story second house and at this point this is when the fire spread to the second house. they were unable to f
heard a lot of people were waiting for the markets to turn. now people are changing their tune perry ed >> the bears are getting angrier. they see that it has not been a great ride and the bulls are getting nervous. a good example of bears and bulls is that net flex is up with their targets. i think their products are not good as far as the tv shows go. we get to catch up on shows like walking dead. you can catch up on the fall in which is sacred bisho. >> i would prefer to go after them. it seems to meet that net flicks this catalog. >> what about arrested developmentt? >> and that is the point people people like you like this show and you are pretty smart guy. i keep hearing that it is a good show and maybe i will add it to my next lakes.net flix. >> i want to know how you receive a free subscription. >> i have no comment. warren buffett is invested a little bit more perry ed do you like a goldman sacks? >> if i were to follow michael jordan and basketball then i will follow one buffet. >> let's go to weather and traffic. >> good morning to you mark. let's start with a look at perot's
fog. keep that in mind. storm track i did well to our north. big changes to talk about. a weak system could bring light rain to our area. as we transition into the weekend. it is looking like a slim possibility for spots north of the golden gate bridge. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights cooler weather, cloudy conditions, as we head into saturday and sunday. we will continue with the cooling trend as we start the next work weeks. >> the changes to talk about possibly some rain tuesday, wednesday, perhaps thursday as well. >> keep your umbrella handy. we're talking a quarter of a inch to a half inch of rain. >> more details coming up in my next report. >> mean time quiet in the traffic center. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza going well. >> traffic moving well from of the approach is tops speeds up the incline and across the upper deck. >> higsouthbound 101 the golden gate bridge there is fog. we have areas of dense fog. >> drive with extra caution. allow yourself a bit of extra time. james. >> on to the latest developments in the deadly santa cruz shoo
to change. the school this it needs to reduce spending by $8 million over the next two years. there are a few proposals on how to cut spending, it includes laying off 80 teachers. increasing kindergarten through third grade class sizes from 20-24 students. five furlough days. and reduce funding for music and after-school sports programs. but alum rock school superintendent says that should not impact student's performance which is been on the rise. >> in the national mood is a james holmes to enter a plea in colorado court today. he is accused of killing 12 people in a shooting rampage in aurora, colorado movie theater last july. he is charged with 166 counts, including murder and attempted murder. he is expected to plead guilnot guilty by reason of insanity. >> when we come back stanley roberts has people behaving badly. >> we will get a weather [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv o
. boeing says it will redesign the battery to minimize the chance of a short circuit. some of the changes include better installation in new this king system. the 787 fleet has been grounded since january after a battery fire on one point. at a smoking battery on another force that emerges in landing. >> the boy scouts of america is considering a change in its policy against allowing openly gay members. now it is sent out a questionnaire that goes beyond a simple yes or no on the subject. among the nine questions, is it acceptable for a gay scout and a straight scout to share a tent on a overnight camping trip?. the survey, set to leaders and parents, include five multiple choice answers ranging from a totally acceptable to totally unacceptable. the board says the decision to allow openly gay members will be made at the group's annual meeting in may. >> it is all the out there similar to yesterday's at this time. i have to tell you today will be a beautiful afternoon. concord at 50 degrees. it is want to start with. it will be warmer. a high of 77, near 80 degrees this afternoon. we will
electronic telling next wednesday the speed limit the total will change. the speed limit through the tolls will no longer be 50 mi. for hour instead they will become 25 mi. per hour to keep traffic moving smoothly. on other bridges and the bay area the fast- track plans and said it was mlanes are set at 25 mi. per hour. >> the speed limit has been here for quite a while everyone will adjust to the new thing. we will make sure the transition to everything that is new hopefully once as smoothly as possible. we will do our best to make sure we can help out however possible. >> off chp and bridge officials are expecting a fairly smooth transition when the bridge goes cash for next wednesday. but they want to remind drivers to pay extra special attention, especially in the first couple of days after the transition is made. you may have people from getting a looking to pay someone but there were no toll takers. >> san francisco transit system will soon get these new ads. muni does not want to put them up but says its hands are tied. the controversy as will be placed on the size of several muni b
will if this does not go our way? the country will change forever. >> the reference to say that this is good for all faiths and organizations to come together 57 percent of americans report that somebody that they know is gay or lesbian. that as 12 points higher from the year, 20 07 the number of people supporting same-sex marriage has a jump from 40% to now 53%. happening at the hearing today. first, the backers of proposition 8. will get 30 minutes to argue for the ban on same- sex marriage. then the opponents of prop 8, which will be the attorneys for the couples that filed the original challenge, will get 20 - minutes to argue that the ban is unconstitutional. the final 10 minutes are reserved for the u-s solicitor general. who will argue against prop 8. on the behalf of the obama administration. a final ruling will be handed down in june. we are watching weather this morning as we take a look at your morning conditions. >> some sprinkles even downtown san francisco. some people are saying that we did see some life the futurecast showing that by noon, 60s will gradually start to fill and. for t
planned change your plans. keep in mind we have wet weather on the way beginning saturday night. friday, on the other hand will be sunny, mild warm conditions. some of your inland spots could climb to the mid-70s. how full details on your extended forecast in just a few minutes. anny it >> thank you erica. into other top stories. forbes estimated the new york yankees have the highest value in major league baseball for the 16th straight year. the bronx bombers are valued at $2.3 billion. 2012 was a good year for baseball in general. the average four and m l b team increased to tow it% to $744 million. the los angeles dodgers are a second and m l b at 1.6 billion nearly $400 million below the price paid for the team last may. boston was third at 1.3 bumillion. locally the san francisco giants rank seventh at 786 million. and oakland ranked 28 in the near bottom of the list valued at four under $68 million. >> miami quest to break the nba record for consecutive wins was ended by a chicago bulls team last night that was without four key players. the final of 101-97 in the the heat's winnin
to the area saturday night into sunday. >> as we take a look at the changes it will be mid to upper 50s. it will feel like a summer morning around the bay area. friday is expected to be the warmest day of the week. it will be dry and sunny and we may see low to mid 70's. unsettled weather will return for the weekend. there's a look at today's afternoon highs. it will be in the '60s. we're talking upper 60s for antioch and concord. you can expect low 60's and partly cloudy conditions for downtown san francisco and low 60's for novato. >> we are tracking showers that are rotated from the coastline. there's nothing to organize but you should keep your umbrellas handy just in case. the kron 47 day around the bay highlights of wet weather for the weekend. the temperatures will not be too bad. we will lose a couple of degrees. the showers will linger as will start next work week. tuesday and wednesday you can look for dry conditions. >> a majority of the justices raised questions and arguments yesterday about the federal defense of marriage act. indicating the supreme court may strike down a
. bigger changes and our effort in store for later on tonight. all the rain on the screen will eventually impact the bay area. i will work you through the timing coming up and my next report. >> light traffic for most of the bay area, heavier than that for the ride on interstate 580. on u.s. highway on state highway 4 in both directions. the of my past as a typical slowing this morning. south bay freeways still look great, no delays or 1 01 or along the peninsula. the north bay ride still looks good from the bowels of the golden gate bridge. >> nearly a week after a broken water main set water rushing through the neighborhood they're not getting word that it may not be over. >> this thing called could continue to grow because the raven's head are way in full swing today and possibly tomorrow. we will say the red tag homes and it says on safe. that means no one is allowed to go inside. i did not start out that way. after the water main break >> we're having technical difficulties with welles shot. we'll bring him back in just a little bit. the west portal neighborhood and acted by that wat
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